Famke Louise

Born in 1998 she grew up near Amsterdam. She developed from ‘the girl next door’ into a pop icon and fashionista. Her extraordinary beauty, her distinctive sound and her unparalleled bravery ensure that every Dutch person knows her. Famke Louise invents striking campaigns and shows a lot of guts! Her campaigns are outstanding. And you know what, she can do that for your brand too!

Beauty and fashion

Famke Louise entered the fashion industry in 2016 through the RTL 5 program ‘Models in Paris, the real life’. Her impressive portfolio shows her versatility as a model. Enjoy what you see on Instagram.

Music and performances

In 2017, Famke Louise turned the Dutch music industry upside down with her debut single ‘Op Me Monnie’. After that, she released several big hits, such as Slide, Derrière and Boss Bitch. In 2018, the first documentary about her life was released. With many millions of viewers, streams, likes and comments she also performs on main stages and mesmerizes her audience with visually appealing, energetic and creative shows.

In November 2020, she dropped her first album NEXT, with hits such as ‘Laten zien’. This very personal and intense album was released simultaneously with her second documentary ‘Famke Next‘ and presented to the public in a spectacular and original way during the Corona pandemic. Famous Dutch people came to see it, the media were full of it and Famke Louise pulled it off again.

The talent of Famke Louise

What makes Famke Louise so special? She is unconventional and seeks out the edges of the unthinkable. She wants equality and freedom for all people. She is a role model for young people and an eye opener for the older ones. Thanks to her clever and creative marketing campaigns, she manages to win awards for her clients, such as Videoland.

Famke Louise’s childhood

Famke Louise was born on December 9, 1998 and went through life as Famke Meijer until 2016.Like many girls, Famke was busy dressing up, performing at school, dancing, singing and, of course, fashion and make up. From the age of six, Famke played the violin. When she was ten years old she started singing lessons and performed in local venues.

Boys vs girls? Inequality

In high school Famke first became aware of inequality between boys and girls. Famke decided to fight for equal treatment. Both for herself and for other girls.This became the main theme for her youtube channel.

Like many young people, she expressed herself more easily through social media. For about 350 thousand subscribers, she vlogged her life. She worked hard on her career and founded her own company when she was sixteen years old. To this day this one of the most successful companies in the field of influencing and music business in the Netherlands.

Happiness and sorrow

With divorced parents, she spent her childhood mainly with her mother and visited her father on a regular basis. Her life changed completely when her father suddenly passed away in 2016. With this grief, but also the belief that her father traveled with her like an angel, she promised herself and her father to make the most of her life and her talent. Famke Louise never gives up. This makes her an example for many young people.

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